Gettalife Relationship

LIFE GOALS: There are FORTY Life Goal cards in total. The grid suits are Relationship, Wealth, Knowledge and Experience. There is one gold card per suit (worth 20,000 each), two silvers (15,000 each), three orange cards (10,000 each) and four blues (5,000 each).

Boardgames Legend

LEGEND: There are FOUR Legends, which are placed at the end of a completed row of grid cards. A Legend earns you 20,000 points for the blue row, 30,000 for orange/silver and 50,000 for the gold row. A Legend is still awarded on a row that has a Damage card on it, but you must remove any Hard Knocks first. Legends protect a Divine Intervention from being stolen, but only on the row that it protects. You cannot play a Legend on top of the same legend unless you have a complete set of new grid cards.

Boardgame knighthood

KNIGHTHOOD: There are FOUR Knighthoods worth 20,000 bonus points to the player knighted. However, you cannot knight yourself. You knight your opponent and they receive 20,000 for the knighthood and you receive 25,000 for the knighthood ninja. The Knighthood may only be awarded when all the Life Goals within a single suit are in play. But you cannot be knighted whilst under a Hard Knock. The Knighthood also protects you from your opponent stealing your Divine Intervention card. However, the knighted suit is still open to Damage cards.

Boardgame Damage image

DAMAGE: There are FOUR Damage cards, which erase the value of their respective Life Goal (i.e. 15,000 points become zero). They are specific to silver life goal cards, and cannot be removed. They stay with the Life Goal if traded or stolen.

cardgame Hardknocks

HARD KNOCKS: There are FOUR Hard Knocks, which you play on an opponent's Life Goal grid to slow them down. They are specific to a Life Goal suit, prevent vertical development up or down that suit of the grid and stop a Knighthood or Legend from being awarded. In essence, they stop any alteration or change to that suit by the grid owner. You cannot trade cards from the part of the grid that is affected by a Hard Knock. Also, you cannot put a Hardknock on an opponent when they do not have any grid cards at all.

cardgame Spoon image

SILVERSPOONS: There are EIGHT Silverspoons - two for each type of Life Goal. Silverspoons get you out of a Hard Knock. (See the grid to match the Hard Knocks or Silverspoons to the relevant Life Goal suit). The Silverspoon is played onto your own grid on top of the Hard Knock you are trying to get out of. Both cards are then picked up and played onto the trash.

You can forego selecting a card when it is your turn; instead choose to rummage through the trash in search for the relevant Silverspoon; both are then played back onto the trash. If you rummage through the trash and the Silverspoon is not there, tough luck, that's the end of your turn. (Hence, you cannot 'pre-rummage'). Players call out "GETTALIFE!!" as you delve through the trash pile like a lost dog looking for scraps of food.

Gettalife Bliss Image

BLISS: There are TWO Bliss cards. When you play a Bliss card onto the trash pile, it allows you to pick one card from each of your opponents hands. (Your opponent doesn't have to show you his hand – you just pick one of his cards at random). You can then play another turn with the cards you have picked. If you do not like any of the cards you steal, you may return them to their owner's hands. However, if you do this it is the end of you turn and you cannot put any more cards down.

Boardgame Divine

DIVINE INTERVENTION: There are THREE Divine Interventions for you to use as wild cards. This means you can add one directly to your grid as any life goal card to help you get ahead. If another player has a DI as part of their grid, when it is your turn, you may replace the DI on their grid with the appropriate grid card from your hand, provided that the DI is not protected by a Legend or Knighthood. You may then play the DI anywhere onto your own grid and continue with your turn. Divine Interventions can only be used as part of the central 4x4 grid (i.e. they cannot be used as a Legend, Knighthood or Damage). If an opponent's grid has a Hard Knock on the suit that has the DI, you may still replace the DI with the appropriate grid card.

Cardgame Satan

SATAN'S SINNERS: There are THREE Satan's Sinners, which if held in your hand at the end of the game, cost you 15,000 points (for being a "closet" sinner). When played, take the lowest Life Goal card off your grid and pass it to an opponent of your choosing. Then everyone passes one card of their choosing (hopefully the Death card) in the direction of play (clockwise). Place the Sinner card face up on your grid so people know you must miss a turn. Remember you cannot play a Sinner card until you have started your grid and you cannot play it on the last round of cards (i.e. 4 cards left in the deck for a 4 player game).

Boardgame Death image

DEATH: This is the worst and most debilitating set back in your life. If held in your hand at the end of the game, you are penalized 30,000 points. And if played…sorry you can't play it! Your only hope is to pass it on when someone sins. Someone will always be left with the Death card at the end of the game. Hope it's not you!